After photographing a couple’s wedding, I love when we get to put those photos into a wedding album.

A wedding album is a way of curating the couple’s best wedding photos and memories into a printed format.

For me, photos truly are at their best when printed. There is something about the quality of a print, especially on a matte fine art paper, that just truly brings out texture and soul in a photo, that you just don’t experience when looking at images on a glossy screen.

You don’t even need for it to be a big album to be beautiful. My favourite album is a 10×10 – big enough to hold comfortably in your hands without it feeling like you are carrying a ton of bricks, yet you can still carry it around to show off to your family and friends.

It doesn’t even have to be lots of pages. The smallest album we can produce is 15 spreads (30 pages) and the biggest album is 45 spreads (90 pages). I would recommend at least 25 spreads (50 pages) to tell the important parts of the story. Ive recently just updated my wedding photography packages to include a 25 spread (50 page) album, that way you know when booking that wedding photography & album package, you wont have to spend another dollar out of your wedding budget on your album.

With Zac & Steph’s wedding album, featured in this post, it’s just 17 spreads (34 pages) of their favourite wedding photos from their wedding day. To view their Brisbane wedding at St Mary’s Church in Kangaroo Point …

For Zac & Steph’s album, as always the colours of the wedding inspire the album cover. We’ve pulled the pink from the bride’s bouquet and bridesmaids dresses, as well as the pink tones in the sunset from the first spread as you open the album, for the leather cover with a gold embossing.

For more information on the fine art wedding albums and album cover options

Check out Zac & Steph’s album design for yourselves …

0001-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0002-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing-1  0003-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0004-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0005-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0006-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0007-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0008-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0009-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0010-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0011-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0012-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0013-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0014-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0015-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0016-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0017-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing  0018-wedding-album-brisbane-wedding-photographer-pink-leather-cover-gold-embossing


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