Planning a wedding can be stressful. Thats why Im sharing these wedding planning tips, advice and inspiration.

Having attended lots of weddings as a professional wedding photographer, I like to think I have gained some useful knowledge and experience on things wedding related. Here I have compiled a bunch of wedding related articles and useful tips to help couples plan their wedding day.

There are many wedding blogs and websites out there with information and resources, but many of them are International particularly American-based and have different ways of doing weddings. The information I have written is specifically targeted to brides and grooms planning an Australian wedding.


Here are some popular wedding planning tips and resources to start you off:

  • 9 Things To Do After Getting Engaged – Show me the bling! These 9 things will get you off on the right track for a stress-free wedding planning experience.
  • Top 5 Tips To Planning A Wedding – Congratulations! These tips will have you and your partner starting the conversation on how you see your wedding day. Which leads us to the next point …
  • What Style Of Photography – lets go over the various styles of photography and help you establish what kind of photography you are drawn too.
  • Choosing A Wedding Photographer – what to look for and questions to ask when searching for a photographer for your wedding.
  • Benefits Of All Day Wedding Photography – do you need a photography package with half day or all day photography coverage?
  • What’s All The Fuss About Wedding Albums – what is the purpose of a wedding album? View a modern wedding album and see how they have changed over the years to become these beautiful fine art coffee table books.
  • A 12 Month Planning Guide To Organise Your Wedding – what you need to do and when over the 12 months prior to your wedding.
  • Questions To Ask Reception Venues – you have most likely never planned an event as important or as big as your wedding, and the venue will probably be your biggest expense! Choosing the right venue to hold this magnificent event is important, and asking the venue the right questions will help find that one venue!
  • Planning Your Wedding Day Photography Timeline – start to plan how much time you will need to allow for each part of the wedding day for your photos. I have also created a sample timeline for a morning ceremony and an afternoon ceremony.
  • Choosing A Location For Your Ceremony – the question is where to have your ceremony. An outdoor ceremony in a garden, country field or the beach. Or maybe an indoor ceremony in a chapel, church or in a warehouse. In this article we will address things to look out for, such as lighting, weather, etc.
  • Planning An Outdoor Ceremony – we have some tips here for couple’s planning an outdoor ceremony.
  • Wet Weather Wedding Tips – no bride wants it to rain on their wedding day, but we have no control over nature, so here are some tips to get you prepared in the event that it does rain on your wedding day.
  • Choosing a Marriage Celebrant – what to look for in a celebrant/officiant and what questions to ask when searching for a celebrant for your wedding.
  • Do You Need Two Photographers On Your Wedding Day? In your search for a wedding photographer, you might see photographers advertising they have two photographer packages. I will address what and if their are advantages of having two photographers over one photographer.

For more planning tips, advice and inspiration, there are more articles below.