I wanted to share these words by Josh Withers. Josh is a marriage celebrant of the awesome kind. His website reads “A really fun wedding celebrant”. I know Josh and I definitely agree that he is making weddings fun. Josh is changing the idea of what being a celebrant can be. Just as weddings are no longer boring staged events, neither does your ceremony.

“I was recently interviewed for a blog and I thought I’d share my answer to “What do you love about weddings?“:

Just between the two of us, I actually hate weddings. That’s why I became a marriage celebrant. I remember going to weddings just waiting for the ceremony to finally die and bury itself because it was so boring and meaningless. So, I love that today we, you, have the opportunity to have a wedding that means something, something that’s more than playing weddings, something more than dressing up and buying lots of flowers, but we have the chance to celebrate the rare event of someone searching the planet for someone to hold on to, and they found someone. I love that we have the chance today to celebrate marriage in a way that reflects our actual values. So much wedding tradition is rooted in values that are perpendicular to ours today, so we can scrap that and actually hold an event that is fun!

Josh Withers, marriage celebrant


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