Incorporating your pet/dog into your wedding day. Here bride and groom include their dog with a Brisbane pet attendance service at The Landing at Dockside, Kangaroo Point on their wedding day.


For those of you couples getting married and consider your pet/dog to be apart of the family, and would like to incorporate your pet/dog into your wedding day, don’t fret pet, because there are a number of ways to incorporate your pet/dog into your wedding. Their are even a number of Pet Attendant Services in Brisbane who can help make it possible!

Whether you and your fiancé share a beloved pet or you can’t imagine walking down the aisle without your dog, there are plenty of ways to include your beloved pet in your wedding day. The more popular pets being dogs, but cats and horses can equally be involved. You will be amazed by all of the creative ways couples are incorporating their pets into their big day.

Sure, including your pet/dog in your ceremony or reception may take a little more planning, but if you consider them an integral part of your family, you won’t regret including your furry friend.

To help you find the best way to include your dog, cat, horse, or any other animal you love, the Brides blog has lots of great wedding ideas of real brides and grooms incorporating their pets in the wedding day.

I meet with so many couples that want to include their pet/dog on their wedding day, but for some reason it is not possible. In those cases, I suggest an engagement photography session with your pet/dog. This is a great solution for getting photos with your pet/dog in a more controlled, safe environment without the stress of wondering how your pet/dog will react when presented with a number of your wedding guests.




Your pet/dog as the ring bearer. Your pet/dog can bring the wedding bands down the aisle to the awaiting groom. This is probably one of the more popular ways in which you can incorporate your dog into the wedding ceremony. You can have your dog wear a ring bearer pillow on his back, tie the rings with a ribbon to their collar or for the more talented task-driven dogs, you can train the dog to hold a basket in their mouth.

Some dog lovers choose to have their furry friend in the wedding party. Your pet/dog could be a flower girl, bridesmaid or groomsman.  Your dog could wear a flower crown to match the bridesmaids flower crowns, their bouquets or even dress colour, maybe a bowtie to match the groom’s tie.


Swap out your flower bouquet for a rescue puppy!. We must stress, don’t do this because it’s different or will go viral or get your more likes on Facebook/Instagram. Do it because you really want to rescue a puppy and include them as part of the family by incorporating your pet/dog into your wedding day. Naturally size does matter in this instance and the smaller pets, like your small dogs or a puppy is ideal.

Incorporating your pet/dog into your wedding day. Here bride incorporates her horse to walk her down the aisle at Yandina Station a Sunshine Coast wedding venue.



The first step is to make sure your wedding venue will allow pets in their venue.

The next step to consider is how your pet reacts in crowds or stressful situations. You don’t want your wedding day to be the day, to traumatize or for something terrible to happen to your beloved pet.

Ensure your pet is well trained and will listen to commands. Ensuring your pet’s safety is paramount. Remembering you will be busy being the bride and groom, so ensure you have a trusted family member or friend handling your pet, someone the pet is familiar with and will obey their commands. Better yet arrange a professional Pet Sitting / Assistant Service (see list below) who will arrange to bring your animal to your wedding venue and then return them safely to their pet accommodation for the night.

Whether the pet is playing a role in the ceremony or just turning up for the location shoot or both, have a well planned timeline and work through exactly what will be happening. Ensure there is water and treats on hand for your pet.

Let your photographer know your dog will be involved to give them ample time to prepare an animal-friendly location for the photoshoot and be ready with ideas for portraits of the bride and groom with their pet/dog. You will want to ensure your photographer is happy to work with your pet, because your pet’s safety is paramount.

Inform the bridal party of your plans – it would be a shame if one of them had a fur allergy.



Some of the Brisbane Wedding Venues that are pet friendly. However, we recommend checking with your wedding venue.

The Landing at Dockside, Kangaroo Point
Hillstone, St Lucia
Vieille Branche, Albion

Ways to incorporate your pet/dog into your wedding - Pet-Friendly Wedding Venues



Advanced Pet Sitting
First Class Pet Sitting
Houndog Day Care
Top Dog Minders



Gold Coast Pets


Incorporating your pet/dog into your wedding day.

Incorporating your pet/dog into your wedding day. Roma Street Parklands Brisbane wedding Incorporating your pet/dog into your wedding day. The Landing Dockside, Kangaroo Point in Brisbane wedding


If you are a pet-friendly wedding venue or offer pet-sitting services, please leave your details in the comments below.



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