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Jessica + Darrell

Jessica & Darrell chose to get married at one of my all time favourite places in Brisbane, Vieille Branche. A multipurpose warehouse space with a French Farmhouse Cafe in Brisbane that also caters for an alternative style of wedding and couples that think outside the box.

On a wet wedding day, where else would you want to be but an indoor, warehouse wedding venue full of nostalgic remnants from the French countryside.

I sit here writing this wedding blog as I eat a mixed chicken and avocado salad and a delicious Prosciutto, orange & fig salad (ooh so good) from Soul Origin. Eating the salad reminds me of my many visits to Vieille Branche for a long working lunch. Beautiful fresh, simple food that will transport you away to a life of eating good food & wine in a Normandy coastal fishing village.

Vieille Branche, is a wonderful Monte Cristo-style cavern of sorts. Make sure you pop in during the week for a bite to eat in the cafe, maybe a workshop to get your creative juices flowing and I promise you wont regret stopping in to see Sarah and her range of cheeses in Emile & Solange Cheese Shop.  And if you are planning your wedding and looking for something with a difference, I suggest you consider a Vieille Branche wedding.

There are plenty of locations for your wedding photos inside Vieille Branche as well as the Fox Street Gardens next door including an old vintage bus, and the neighbouring streets. As you wander through the warehouse there are nooks and crannies of wonderous old things and interesting conversation starters.

Wishing the newlyweds a future of happily ever after and continually having a pun to throw back at each other.

Thank you for choosing me to capture your wedding day at Vieille Branche.

View the highlights from their Vieille Branche wedding in the feature slideshow or a selection of the best wedding photos below.


Ceremony & Reception Vieille Branche Warehouse
Photographer Deb Boots Love Stories | Wedding Film Wrapped Up Media
Bride Prep AirBnb in Paddington, Brisbane | Makeup Artist Blissful Makeup | Hair Stylist All for Mary
Transport Uber | Celebrant Roxy Hotten | Ceremony Music 16 Strings
Wedding Photography Locations Vieille Branche Brisbane
Wedding Cake Groom’s Sister | Catering Standing Room Only Catering | Dessert Table Groom’s Sister



The bride was getting ready at a quaint little Brisbane AirBnB in Paddington. With the couple’s corgi Dolly watching on from a tiny corner of the room. Jessica’s bouquet was full of Australian natives including a feature Waratah – I am loving all the deep reds and green foliage.

I love AirBnB accommodation for bride and groom getting ready photos. The interiors are typically nicely styled. This Brisbane AirBnb had a quaintness about it – a renovated Queenslander with a mix of antique furniture and modern classics in pastel tones. The furniture works nicely as a prop for the bride & groom detail photos. I love AirBnB’s for wedding accommodation so much that I included it in my post about Best Brisbane Accommodation for Bride & Groom Photos.

0001-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0002-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0003-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0004-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0005-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0006-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0007-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0008-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane

Karla from Blissful Makeup and All For Mary making the girls look beautiful for the big day.

0009-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0010-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0011-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane

There were so many things Jessica could have hit with the champagne cork,
like windows, the bridesmaids and her mum, or us photographers and videographers,
but she managed to steer clear of breaking anything or hitting any of us in the eye.
Close call … phew!

0012-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0013-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane

Interrupting the blog with a hot tip.
For the best photos, big windows with lots of natural light streaming in is ideal.
Especially on an overcast day like this day.

0014-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0015-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0016-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0017-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0018-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0019-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0020-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0021-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0022-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane



Time for the groom and groomsmen to get suited up for the ceremony at Vieille Branche.

0023-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0024-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0025-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0026-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0027-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0028-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0029-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane

I know the photo below of the card on how to fold the handkerchief is going to come in handy for many future grooms.
Check it out, it even has its own blog post how to fold the groom’s handkerchief.

0030-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0031-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0032-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0033-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0034-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0035-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane

The groom booking an Uber ride to get to his wedding.




Its a good thing Jessica & Darrell booked a warehouse venue with an indoor ceremony space.

0037-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0038-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0039-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0040-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0041-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0042-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0043-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0044-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0045-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0046-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0048-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane

The bride arriving in an Uber also … I love when modern brides throw traditions out the window.


Get ready, we are going a bit darker and moodier for this ceremony, but Im digging it!

I thought this was the perfect wedding to talk a little bit more about the technicalities us wedding photographers have to shoot under sometimes in various lighting & weather conditions. And what brides and grooms might not quite understand when their idea of their perfect wedding is on a sunny day and their dream wedding photos have that sun-bleached, light bright and airy look. But then your ‘perfect wedding day’ is overcast and rains – your day isn’t ruined, it’s just different. Im a big believer that different is great and creates opportunities!

It was overcast, meaning the light is very different to that of a sunny day. The big windows at the back of the Vieille Branche warehouse where the ceremony was being held, let in some natural light, as did the roller door at the entrance. But in the middle section there were some dark areas. What this means, is that the light was dramatically changing as we moved from the roller door, through the warehouse, to the ceremony end.

For you camera gear nerds, as a natural light photographer, this is how I deal with mixed light and low light situations on a wedding day. My camera is set to M for manual mode. I shoot in full manual mode, so I can quickly adjust setting and compensate for the light changing quickly. I also shoot prime lenses so I can shoot wide-open to let as much light into the lens/sensor and minimise upping the ISO as much as possible, but in conditions like this you are going to get some digital noise in your pictures, but I think that adds a certain character and soul to the images!

0050-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0051-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0052-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0053-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0054-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0055-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0056-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0057-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0058-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0059-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0060-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0061-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0062-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0063-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0064-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0065-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0066-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0067-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0068-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0069-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0070-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0071-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0072-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0073-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0074-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0075-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0076-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane

Congratulations to the newlyweds … Mr + Mrs Prasad.



Despite the rain, we managed to find some great outdoor locations for the wedding photos around Vieille Branche. Some locations we used the umbrellas, but I didn’t want every single photo to have the umbrellas in them, so we used some areas that were undercover. Amongst this industrial area we found a climbing Jasmine plant and foliage to add some softness against the hard concrete and the awesome almost perfectly-colour-matched burgundy container.

0077-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0078-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0079-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0080-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0081-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0082-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0083-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane

I know the Albion industrial area well as I was a frequent visitor at Vieille Branche.
I just love all the variety of different coloured walls and roller doors.

0084-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0085-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0086-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0087-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0088-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0089-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0090-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0091-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0092-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane


With photos out of the way, it was time for some yummy food and refreshments from the fantastic caterers, Standing Room Only Catering. But not before a sparkler entrance of course, cake cutting and speeches to get formalities out of the way.

0093-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0094-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0095-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0096-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0097-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0098-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0099-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0100-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0101-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0102-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0103-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0104-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0105-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0106-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane  0107-vieille-branche-wedding-photography-brisbane


Vieille Branche wedding photographer, Deb Boots

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