Moroccan Romance Styled Shoot | Gold Coast 

Fusing a mix of Moroccan & Bohemian Luxe for the Gypsy Bride

I have no words for how excited I am to have a styled shoot featured on The Lane today. Check it out style-elements/styled-shoots/moroccan-romance

If you are a bride and haven’t heard of The Lane, then what rock are you living under { said in the sweetest possible voice }.  The Lane is the bees knees of wedding fashion inspiration worldwide. Inspired by the fashion capitals of the world  and connecting stylish brides with a carefully chosen selection of the most sought after wedding industry specialists.”  Any wedding vendor would aspire to be featured on The Lane, including me, and now I can say Im a member of that club. Excited much – you bet I am!!

It has been a while coming that I can now share these images with you and show off the styling work from the amazingly talented girls from The Palace & Co.

Back in July I teamed up with Olivia & Krystin from The Palace & Co. for this bohemian/moroccan styled shoot to showcase their amazing styling talents with a selection of their furniture pieces and props available for Gold Coast weddings.

“Stylists The Palace & Co and photographer Deb Boots Photography have created an eclectic and vibrant styled shoot perfect for the gypsy bride – fusing a mix of modern Moroccan and bohemian luxe. If you are a gypsy at heart, forget tradition and incorporate a relaxed Middle-Eastern inspired theme for your wedding ceremony and reception. We especially love the bold aesthetic of the mismatched Moroccan rug aisle contrasted against the bushland backdrop, glamourous oversized gold lanterns, peacock chair adorned with an array of fringed and tassled cushions and the explosion of colour in a saturated palette of golds, yellows, reds and purples.

Photographer Deborah Boots tells us about the inspiration behind the shoot…

We had so many ideas and elements to use in this shoot, from bold bright colours of Morocco to the effortless relaxed bohemian lifestyle.

For the ceremony we wanted a subtle palette using an eclectic mix of rugs and a beautiful arbour that would blend into the bush location. Like any wedding the Bride is the star, so our pieces were put together to compliment her dress and style.

The location was inspired by the reserve that backs onto the high school that Olivia from The Palace & Co went to. The field of purple flowers would come out every winter and she always thought it was such a beautiful place for a photo shoot. The kangaroos would come and lay in the sun early morning and late afternoon and so on the day of the shoot, we popped over for a visit and sure enough there they were almost like they were waiting for us.

The other vignettes we felt we could bring a more vibrant rich mix of colour and textures playing with the layered design/look that Morocco lends itself too. Colour can definitely be at a wedding, in a glamourous, fun eclectic way, no matter the location.”

Source: The Lane

As I drove down from Brisbane that day in July, the Gold Coast looked like it was going to pour raining, but I reached the Gold Coast and it was mildly overcast. While I would have preferred some sunshine streaming through the trees, the shoot came together really well. I loved every piece of furniture and the moroccan tableware was to die for – and all the delicious treats hanging from trees was a real treat which we got to polish off at the end of the shoot.

The amazing handmade vintage bridal gown was made especially for this shoot by East of Grey { follow East of Grey on Facebook }. East of Grey creates timeless garments from vintage and eco-friendly fabrics for a bride with an individual sense of style having either an alternative wedding, vintage wedding or eco-friendly wedding.

Thanks to Brodie our stunning bride for modelling for us.  We also must thank Andrew, Brodie’s other half of our real life couple for modelling for us too.

I have to say without a doubt I would hire The Palace & Co. to style my Gold Coast wedding.

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