Samsonvale Community Hall wedding photography

I will never forget the day I met Kira. I was still at the Wooloowin studio and I think we were happily chatting for over 2 hours. Everything from the wedding, to how she met Luke and to the other important man in her life, Matt her beloved best friend.  The other reason I remember our meeting, was we had a little visitor open the studio door, it was 4 year old Charlie, the photographer I shared the studio with little boy, and he decided to pop his head in the door to say hi and he wasn’t wearing any pants. When Kira wasn’t phased by Charlie’s little visit, I knew I wanted to shoot Kira & Luke’s wedding – and it also helped it was at Samsonvale Community Hall, a venue I had on my wish list of wedding venues.

I finally also met with Luke and after hearing stories about their relationship and their accident prone adventures, you just can’t help fall in love with this couple.

Id actually been out to the Samsonvale Community Hall the day before to setup the photo booth backdrop and while I was there I did a location scout of the area, and I went away very excited.

Finally the wedding day arrived and we were blessed with glorious weather. The day for me started at the hall to photograph all the DIY projects and table settings.  The table was set with vintage china, babies breath in glass jars, hessian table runners and a hessian backdrop behind the bridal table with photos strung up from Kira & Luke’s photo collection.  The room looked amazing, then outside they had a ladder hanging from the fig trees with glass jars hanging from it over the platform alter.  There were hay bales for guests to sit on and a hessian privacy screen for Kira and her father appear from just prior to walking down the aisle – and how cute were the two little girls in charge of pulling the draw strings.

Kira & Luke got ready at Samford Lakes Accommodation just down the road.  Kira, her man of honour and her bridesmaids were in the main house getting ready, while Luke and the boys were in one of the cottages.

One thing I will take away from Kira & Luke’s wedding was the special moment where Kira gave gifts to Matt and the girls and while I wasn’t listening to the words she spoke, just from watching through the camera and seeing the tears, you could tell her friends mean the world to her. In fact, they all actually brought tears to my eyes – and that is just not suppose to happen that early in the day .. haha.  But seriously it was such a beautiful moment and Im glad I was there to capture it.

I then followed the boys back to Samsonvale Community Hall to wait for Kira’s arrival.  I loved how they had the ceremony under the enormous fig trees on a raised platform that gave everyone a good view of the bridal party.

Following the ceremony it was group photo and family portraits time before we headed off for the bridal party photos.  Right across the road was a gorgeous field of trees – and thankfully Kira wasn’t one of those prissy brides and was the first one over the fence to get in the field, with the rest of the bridal party in toe.  I then took Kira & Luke off for some private time for photos together.  Then we drove back to Samford Lakes Accommodation to join the cows and two bulls in the paddock for some more photos.

It was a buffet dinner with a spit roast with food a plenty and drinks flowing.  Samsonvale Community Hall is a terrific wedding venue for casual country style weddings as the indoor space is massive and even with the reception tables, there is plenty of room at the other end for a backup indoor ceremony option and a massive kitchen for the caterers.  There is plenty of outdoor space surrounding the hall too with plenty of parking and the neighbours are a good distance away.

At the reception Id brought along my three vintage doors to use as the photo booth backdrop – and it kind of got crazy from there.  The kids had an absolute ball in the photo booth and the adults managed to squeeze in a few photo booth shots before it was time to hit the dance floor.  OMG if you do something at your wedding reception, I highly recommend you find the budget to invest in some lighting, these are my favourite bride and groom first dance photos ever – check out the crazy awesome lighting …

Enough babble … check out Kira & Luke’s awesome wedding !

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