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What I love about shooting weddings is that every couple and every wedding is different.  I love getting to know the bride and groom, and the things that mean the most to them. When a couple lets me into their world, it allows me to capture honest emotions, the connections they have with their family and friends, and excitement that represents the beginning of the couple’s marriage. This is why my approach is based around capturing natural wedding photography.


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Most of my couples want a fun, relaxed day where they can celebrate with their guests. But in order to have a relaxed day, some planning must go into the day no matter how chilled out of a couple you are.  I will help you plan your wedding day so that it flows smoothly by creating a wedding day photography timeline which allows you to be present in the moment and spend precious time with your guests.

While I am a Sydney based photographer, I do travel for weddings. I regularly travel up and down the East Coast of Australia so travel fees usually don’t apply. Here is a list of locations where I photograph weddings but I basically will travel anywhere and everywhere for my couples. I have photographed weddings in Brisbane, Blue Mountains, regional Queensland, Tasmania and even Fiji and Thailand.


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Your wedding photos transport you back to relive your special day. The moments. The emotions. The excitement. The love.

I predominantly approach the wedding day in a documentary style with creative, artistic & romantic portraits to focus on capturing natural photography. I am constantly seeking to capture moments of laughter and tears as well as all the details which create the story of your real wedding day.


beautiful candid wedding photography that tells the real wedding day story




I think of weddings as a big party. Celebrating love with the important people in your life. All the wedding planning is done so its time to have some fun !


 Natural wedding photographer Deb Boots




All wedding photography packages include high-resolution print-quality images supplied as .jpg digital files.
Curated to between 600-800 images dependent upon coverage and number of guests.
Lovingly edited, ready for you to print & share.
All images delivered in colour as well as a selection in beautiful black & white.
Supplied on a USB in a beautifully packaged wooden box.
A wedding highlights slideshow set to music while you wait for your images to arrive.
An online gallery of all images to share with family and friends.


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Throughout history, prints and albums have served as an essential record of a family’s history. In the good old days they kept printed photos in shoeboxes in bottom of cupboards, that would from time to time resurface and bring lots of joy.

I fear that with the amount of photos we accumulate between our computers and phones, our precious memories will get lost amongst the clutter on our harddrives and phones, or what is stored up in the cloud wont be able to be accessed.

Imagine if our parents, grandparents or great grandparents didn’t have these printed photos which tells us so much about them. We wouldn’t have these historical records of who the people were in our family that came before us. Through the clothing they wore and even the fact they could afford professional photography, we can learn about their lives. Even from the limited photos available. Imagine now though with how accessible photography is, there is so much more our future generations will be able to learn about us and the times we live in.

There is not many events like your wedding day where you are surrounded by your family members all together at once. By printing your photos in an album, you are ensuring that future generations have a record of your family and the stories of your life journey. While it may be hard to fathom your own grandchildren, it is likely that they could one day be looking through your album. What you probably can imagine, is being a grandchild and looking at your grandparents wedding photos and how sentimental they are to you. Your wedding album is an investment into your family’s history books.

For those that love prints or something tangible, consider one of our beautiful fine art wedding albums.


 Wedding albums