A love story that began in Brisbane


The love story of Michelle & Mark began while they were studying engineering at the University of Queensland St Lucia campus in Brisbane.

Mark proposed to Michelle on their 6-year anniversary of dating in Singapore. Mark completely surprised Michelle with his proposal and Michelle tells me Mark chose the most perfect ring for her.

Their work has taken the couple to Perth, but recently they returned to Brisbane to celebrate their marriage with family & friends.

I caught up with Michelle & Mark two days before their wedding for a pre-wedding engagement photoshoot so they could have photos where their love story began at UQ St Lucia. View their engagement photos here.

Michelle & Mark’s wedding day began at Kangaroo Point where they prepared for the day ahead with family around them. Michelle’s family had flown in from Kuala Lumpur to be with her on her special day.

Michelle is the ultimate DIY bride, making practically everything for their wedding from their home in Perth, then transporting everything to Brisbane for the wedding.  Michelle made her bridal bouquet as well as all the cute boutonnieres which were all made from felt .. super cute!

Another personal touch to their sentimental wedding, was Mark wore the bow tie that his dad wore on his wedding day. I totally loved that!

Michelle & Mark chose to have a ‘first look’ portrait session before their morning ceremony.  While tradition has the groom seeing his bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle, new wedding traditions are being made, and I personally love the first look photo session. A first look photo session is where the bride and groom get to see each other before the ceremony in an intimate meeting with just the two of them. Well alone all but for the photographer who is there to capture those special moments, unposed and unstaged, from a distance.

Following the first look session in West End, we wandered down Montague Road towards GOMA and the State Library of Queensland, taking the bridal portraits as we went. I particularly love the variety of urban backdrops around the Southbank and Cultural Precinct in South Brisbane for wedding photography.

It was then time to head to Kangaroo Point park with views of Brisbane city in the background for a morning ceremony.

Michelle also made the wedding invitations, programs, the dessert table and all ceremony styling, as well as the wedding cake for the morning tea following the ceremony. And it doesn’t stop there. Michelle also presented Mark with a gift which was a storybook of their love story, all handdrawn and illustrations by Michelle herself. Now that totally is up their with the best bride/groom wedding gift ever in my book. I think if I wasn’t so intent on getting a couple of pictures of the illustrations, it would have brought a tear to my eye for the love that went into creating such a beautiful heartfelt gift. Sorry the book even trumped better than the watch :).

Michelle walked down the aisle on her father’s arm to Bach Cello Suite 1 Prelude. Michelle & Mark were married by marriage celebrant Ketrina Coffey. Michelle & Mark involved their mum’s making them the ring bearers, and their fathers roles were as witnesses. So many personal touches to this sweet wedding.

A few more photos along the walkway to the ferry as well as photos on the Citycat, as we made our way to Riverbar for the afternoon festivities.

What a wonderful wedding and experience I had getting to know both Michelle & Mark and their lovely families.

What part of your wedding was your top priority ? “We wanted to make sure that everyone was relaxed and had fun, that it was a reflection of our personality and that it had elements that were of sentimental value to us. I really enjoy crafting and baking and was very keen to make as many of the elements of the wedding as I could. We also wanted to incorporate our parents and family as much as we could into the ceremony, as they were an important part of the event. We did this by making our parents ring bearers and witnesses.

Best memory from your wedding day ? “Saying our vows to each other at the ceremony.

Best ‘funny’ moment from your wedding day ? “We had large balloons at our wedding which seemed to have a life on their own. They turned out to be more difficult to control than anticipated. It was quite funny trying to keep them in line, and we often were bumped on the head by the balloon during photos and the ceremony.

What advice would you give other bride or groom’s to-be ? “To enjoy the day and not sweat the small stuff.

Anything else you would like to share about your wedding experience, other wedding suppliers or other special mentions : “All the suppliers we used were wonderful – they were all highly experienced and knew what would work and look the best on the day. They were accommodating to our quirky requests and worked hard to ensure we felt comfortable. I would highly recommend all of them.

We really enjoyed working with Deb and were very lucky that she seemed to like the style of photography that we had wanted for our engagement shoot and wedding day. She is very easy to work with and was very open to suggestions that we had, some of them perhaps a bit quirky. Her easy-going, friendly and approachable nature put us all to ease and our family enjoyed working with her. I would highly recommend her as a wedding photographer!
– Michelle & Mark

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Photographer Deb Boots Brisbane wedding photographer // Celebrant Ketrina Coffey
Wedding Gown For Her and For Him // Bride’s Shoes Vincci
Groom’s Suit Topman // Groom’s Bowtie Groom’s Dads own wedding
Wedding Stylist the bride with friends setting up on the day // Flowers the bride
Hair Stylist Megan Robertson from the Beauty Parlour // Makeup Artist Lydia Johnston from Peacock and Lilies
Wedding Cake the bride // Catering Cupcakes from Flour and Chocolate
Wedding Stationary the bride // Music – Ceremony Cello played by friend Katie Macintosh
Engagement Ring Georg Jensen // Wedding Bands Braverman Jewellery (Etsy)

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