What to Wear

The general rule is wear what makes you feel good and most represents your style. But here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you have the best portrait shoot experience and end up with photos you and the entire family will love.

Colours and patterns … we recommend avoiding busy patterns and overpowering brands/logos on clothing or competing colours.  Bring a variety of colours in the outfits you bring, but try and stay away from stripes and plaids as they tend not to photograph as well as other smaller patterns and solid colors. If you like bright colours, make sure you bring other items that are more neutral, such as denim, black, white and naturals like beige and olive.

Layering clothing … adds a great look with different textures and colours. Plus it makes it really easy to change up your look, not to mention, if there isn’t an easy spot to change, you can vary your look by taking away or adding a layer.

Casual vs Dressy … bringing two outfit options means we have all bases covered. So something casual but stylish to show off your personality through fashion. Then something a little bit dressy so just think of something you’d wear out to dinner or an evening out. If you aren’t too sure, we suggest bringing a few wardrobe options so we have choices for mixing and matching, although we won’t use everything.  If you’re unsure about something, bring it anyway. Although for larger family group sessions, it is best to decide on a colour theme prior to the shoot, otherwise we might end up with a shopping centres worth of clothing :)

Don’t forget to accessorise … please bring a selection of shoes, boots, hats, scarves and jewellery to help with styling for your photo session. Make sure you bring footwear to match the different outfits. And naturally having the last name Boots {and being my business name} I love girls wearing boots with dresses – just an idea!  Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, scarves can all help to bring your look together and add personal flair, but you don’t want the accessories to take away from you, so keep it simple and items that you love and wear often.

Flattery gets you everywhere … if you are self conscious about your arms, don’t go sleeveless. Wear what you feel comfortable in, and it will translate well in your photos.

Girls … we do recommend having your hair styled and make-up professionally applied for your shoot as it will help with confidence in front of the camera and reflect in the results of the final photos.  Not every day you have a your portraits taken, so I think it’s worth going all out and treating yourself to make it a memorable experience … plus it’s a great excuse to have an evening out on the town.

Make-up … we do recommend having your make-up professionally applied, however, if you decide against having professional make-up and applying yourself, most definitely wear make-up but keep it natural, just go a little heavier on the eye make-up than normal which helps enhance your eyes.  Girls please bring a touch-up makeup kit to the shoot { bare minimum of lipstick/gloss }.

Hair … we do recommend having your hair professionally styled on the day of the shoot, but just styled and not cut or coloured.  We strongly advise against dramatically changing, cutting or colouring your hair style a week or so before your session, just in case you are not totally happy with the changes and for it not to be documented in your photos forever more.  Plan your photo session at least 2-3 weeks after a hair cut to give your hair a chance to grow into its style.

We can recommend hair stylists and makeup artists { both salons and mobile services } that we work with or simply visit your regular and trusted salon prior to the shoot.

If you have arranged hair &/or makeup for the photoshoot, please ensure you allow sufficient time and also budget in travel time { also allow for possible traffic delays } in order to arrive at the location on time.

Nail Polish … don’t forget to touch up that manicure/pedicure as well, nothing worse than chipped nail polish.

Guys … if you are a guy that usually has a stubble/beard then we suggest you keep it for the photos, because we want to represent you at this time. Otherwise for the clean shaved look, avoid shaving the day of the shoot to avoid stubble burn and rashes.

Spray Tans … we know you want to look tanned for your shoot, but we highly stress DO NOT SPRAY TAN. Even if you get the most natural looking spray tan, spray tans in general just do not photograph well and will make your skin look unnatural. Spray tans leave unsightly patches and darker areas on dry skin, around joints and skin creases. The other thing to remember with spray tans, if you are standing next to someone without a spray tan, it can make them look much lighter than they are and even anemic, so if you spray tan, everyone needs to spray tan, but its safer to go natural. Correcting skin colour due to spray tanning is not covered in our editing or retouching services and should you request skin colour correction for correcting spray tans, there is an additional charge. Sorry we just have photographed way too many people with spray tans and very rarely does it photograph nicely. We suggest saving your money and invest it in professional hair and makeup or a new outfit.

Props … feel free to bring any props that are significant to telling your story and which you would like to be photographed with, such as sporting equipment, musical instruments, skateboard/bike or even that cool classic car you restored with your dad. We want to make your pictures reflect who you are right now and these activities are part of your personal identity.

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