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and Joey

When I received Tayla’s email enquiring about baby photos and she mentioned ‘we have a dog and cat that we’d like to include in our baby photos‘ – well my insides were jumping like crazy excited and wishing pick me, pick me to do your baby photos pretty please!

Usually most of my newborn sessions come from past brides and grooms whose weddings Ive photographed. Tayla & Matt were randoms who stumbled upon my website, but those good kind of random people you get to meet every once in a while!

The moment I walked in their Brisbane front door, it just felt like kindred spirits meeting. You know when you meet people for the first time and you feel like old friends in the first 10 minutes, well that is Tayla & Matt. I liken those reactions to mean that these are good, caring people – and well dog and cat people at that too – I love this family already! We shared a common interest in travel too.

Over my 7 years of photographing weddings and families, Ive come to the conclusion, photographing people is so much more meaningful and personally rewarding, when I get to capture memories for awesome, lovely people! This is my public declaration that I am only photographing awesome couples & families in future .. haha.

When it comes to photographing newborns, you never know what to expect. Will they be happy, grizzly, fidgety or all of the these. Then throw in the family dog and cat and it turns out to be one fun little adventure, a bit crazy but a whole lot of fun.

While no newborn session is perfect, for a number of reasons – being new parents and still finding your feeding and sleeping routines and so on. I’d hate to lead parents up that magical garden path of the perfect newborn photo session, because we all know life just doesn’t play out that way. But that is what I love about shooting newborn’s with a lifestyle approach.

The first thing I like to explain to families that enquire with me for family or newborn photos, is that my style isn’t like most other family or newborn photographers. I dont do those cutsy posed-photos with babies positioned in unnatural positions, curled up on blankets, in buckets, and usually without mum or dad in the frame, where baby is more like an art piece. I want to make sure families come to me for the right reasons – wanting something different, understand perfection is in the imperfection, and like the unexpected but mostly real life moments captured in a documentary style where it makes you feel something! Now might be a good time to check out my past families reviews of their Life Stories lifestyle family or newborn session.

Newborn lifestyle photography is about the raw, genuine, real moments between the parents and their new baby … and of course including the menagerie of fur babies. The everyday of raising children isn’t perfect, and I think its time that we acknowledge that in our family photos. Besides that, real is so much more interesting & fun! Naturally in the session I capture a variety of images, of course the happy smiling faces, different combinations of people together, details of the nursery, and quirky little things that make the photos unique to your family. I also equally love the scrunched up silly faces and capturing tantrums … blackmail to embarrass them in years to come! haha

Back to Tayla & Matt’s session, baby Joey was an absolute angel, along with very smitten new parents. Tayla & Matt have traveled the world together. There are a few things around the house from their travels so I wanted to make sure we included them in the pictures.

Their curious cat seems to follow us around and popping into a lot of the frames as you will see. Their dog, well dogs are always puppies in my eyes because they usually behave like excitable puppies their entire dog years, again somehow sneaking into a lot of the frames, which I absolutely loved.

Bath time is a great activity to do during a newborn session, especially in the kitchen sink!

Mum Tayla also tie-dyed many of Joey’s white onesies – hello happy baby clothes! This girl is going to be an individual for sure. Yes!

Then Dad Matt also got his turn to add his personality into the photos with a little light reading from his Marvel Halo collection of books.

I had an absolute blast with Tayla, Matt, Joey & their dog and cat, and capturing their first official family photoshoot. Take a peek at some of my favourite images from their at-home newborn lifestyle photography session in the slideshow above …

If these kind of newborn and family photos strike a cord with you, let’s chat!

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