Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be purchased for any value amount and put towards a portrait session or products offered by Deb Boots.

For the recipient to redeem the gift certificate, they just need to mention they are redeeming a gift certificate when booking their session and then present the certificate at the portrait session.

The Gift Certificate is either emailed { for those last minute purchases } or a printed certificate beautifully presented.

Presentation is important to Deb Boots, so while you are giving a gift certificate which sometimes can tend to identify as a last minute gift or taking the easy way out, a gift for a portrait session is not like that at all, in fact it is actually quite the opposite and a well thought out investment, and Deb Boots’ wants to reflect that by presenting the printed Gift Certificate wrapped as a beautiful gift.

Purchasing a Gift Certificate

To purchase a gift certificate, email Deb Boots via the contact form link above with the following information in the message box:

Your details – name, address, email and a phone number
Recipients details –  name, address, email and a phone number { for reference purposes only for when they redeem their gift certificate }
Whether you want the gift certificate sent to your address or direct to the recipient’s address
Value for the Gift Certificate

Upon receipt of your email, we will send you payment options.

Once the payment has been processed, I will email you the gift certificate for last minute purchases or post out the pretty printed and packaged gift certificate to either you or the recipient as requested.

Terms and Conditions

Gift Certificates cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash and are non-refundable.
Gift Certificates are redeemable only with Deb Boots to put towards a portrait session or products.
We accept direct bank deposits and credit cards via PayPal { Visa & MasterCard only }. Credit Card payments incur a 3% fee.