The first year of a child’s life is precious as moments are fleeting and time flies by so quickly. The baby is changing, there are many changes for the parents and family, and many opportunities to make new memories. But the time can easily slip away which is why it is important to document the first 12 months of a little person’s new life.

My approach to newborn photography is relaxed and easy going, I tell parents that my newborn sessions are completely led by the baby’s routine and moods. What we capture on the day is at the baby’s pace.

Newborn portraits up to the baby’s first year, is about documenting the personality of the newborn and they grow, capturing milestones and development stages they have reached. And definitely photos with proud mum, dad and siblings. Also anyone else you want to invite along to the session, the newborn’s grandparents especially, because they also serve as important figures in the child’s life, and just try keeping them away right!

While new parents are experiencing many new adjustments, the best way to approach a newborn or baby portrait session is to relax and enjoy this time. If mum is stressed, baby will pick up on that, and that will show in your photos. We allow plenty of time for the newborn and baby sessions to allow both mum, dad and baby to relax, and of course allow for feeding and sleeping.

The difference between our documentary, lifestyle newborn sessions compared to typical baby photo session, is that we focus on capturing your new baby in your home setting utilising the baby’s nest that you have spent months decorating.

A newborn session takes place in your home environment where you and baby are most comfortable, especially while you are settling into your new routine.

When I come to your home, I will assess the light to establish the best rooms to focus on. Most sessions are captured in the baby’s nursery and parents bedroom as they typically have the most natural light because bedrooms tend to have big windows, and sheer curtains to soften the light.

Most sessions generally last around 2 hours, but can be more depending on how baby settles. I will always allow time for settling, feeding and changing so there are no time constraints.

Typically newborn and first year portrait sessions are scheduled for weekdays, either mornings or afternoons. We also do offer limited Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions when available.



Newborn Photography | up to 10-14 days.
It is best to book your newborn session while you are pregnant in advance of baby’s arrival.
The newborn session is best captured within the first 10 days of the arrival of your new baby.
Babies sleep most of the time and are more still, so it’s a great time to capture those sweet little faces, toes and feet.
Some newborn poses might not be achieved due to the age of the baby. Once the baby is outside the womb and has stretched out, some curling up is more difficult and uncomfortable for baby.
We do these sessions in your home environment, however, we also do sessions in our home studio.
We are natural light photographers and the best place within your home for your newborn session is, either on a bed or if you can clear an area with some floor space, in a room with good natural light.

Baby Photography | 3-4 months.
A 3 month old baby is recognising their parents and will return smiles.
A time where you can capture glimpses of their little personalities.
Typically a 3 month old baby is able to lay on their tummy, push up on their arms and hold their head up steadily for a short period of time.
Some even can sit with a little assistance.
Its normal to get a mix of sleeping and awake images.
It can be simple daily routine that makes the sweetest of images.
The session should be after baby has awaken from their morning nap and has been fed.

Baby Photography | 6-7 months.
Typically baby is sitting up unassisted and possibly crawling.
Its best not to schedule the session too soon after baby has had their 6 month needles. Usually 3-4 days after is fine.

Baby Photography | 7-9 months.
Typically baby is crawling, pulling themselves up and able to walk assisted alongside furniture. Newfound independence for your baby.
Most likely there will be giggles and smiles too.
Your baby should also have a more predictable routine sleeping pattern to make choosing a time for the session easier.
Again make sure you arrive to the session after baby has had their nap and been feed to ensure a happy little baby.

Baby Photography | 1 year.
Typically baby is taking their first steps – a huge milestone.
As its the age where a baby becomes a toddler, they are likely to have some baby teeth.
Its best not to schedule the session too soon after baby has had their 1 year vaccination needles. Usually 3-4 days after is fine.
A big milestone for mum and dad too, they survived the first year on sleepless nights and the constantly changing routines.

Typically newborn photography session up to one year old, are scheduled for weekdays, either mornings or afternoons. We also do offer limited Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions when available.

The newborn session can last up to 2-3 hours to allow for feeding, settling, sleeping and awake moments, so there is no need to rush the session or for parents to stress if baby is unsettled.



For baby, we recommend having some neutral coloured nappy covers, knitted ones in neutral tones photograph well. Otherwise we will have available neutral toned wraps/blankets. Feel free to bring any headbands, outfits or props you would like your baby photographed with. We do have neutral toned blankets in lighter and darker tones as our style is simple and modern, to focus on your baby, however we will consider individual requests.

For parents, we recommend wearing neutral tones, pastel colours or soft tones, particularly for the top half ie. shirts. Feel free to wear jeans or neutral coloured slacks on the bottom.



I share my time between Sydney and Brisbane, and offer newborn photography sessions to families living anywhere between the NSW South Coast to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. That includes all the areas in between – Sydney, NSW Central Coast, Newcastle through to Byron Bay in Northern NSW and Northern Rivers district as well as the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast.

Because Im on the road a lot, I’m available for newborn photo sessions in regional areas as well – I would hate for any family to miss out on the opportunity to have their newborn’s story captured.  I particularly like to offer regional families the opportunity to have their newborn photos taken because they don’t always have the opportunity to access professional photography services. Travel fees may apply, but I quote on an individual basis – Im sure there is a way we can make it happen, possibly another family taking up the opportunity to have family photos taken.

I like to shoot newborns in their home environment where the new parents are relaxed and have everything they need to settle their newborn. Plus I love to utilise the baby’s nursery and even mum and dad’s bed comes in handy for some photos. Usually the master bedrooms have a big window that lets in filtered natural light, which is the best ingredient for natural photos.



Now you have invested time and money into getting professional photography, it makes no sense to just store your digital files in a drawer gathering dust.  We recommend printing your photos and proudly displaying them in your home.

For my style of shooting that is based on storytelling, I believe photo albums are the best way to display your photos. Its more about the series of photos than just one hero photo.  You can leave your photo album on your coffee table so your kids grow up looking back on the photos and share in on how much you loved them when they were born.

I also offer fine art prints – the photos are printed on a beautiful museum-grade fine art paper with a matte finish. The prints are archival-quality to ensure every image will look beautiful for a long time.



If you don’t live in or near Brisbane or Sydney, that is not a problem as Deb Boots Life Stories offers ‘destination portrait sessions‘.

Destination Portrait Sessions are when I travel to regional or country areas around NSW, Queensland and Australia wide, giving families in regional areas the same opportunity as city folk to get beautiful family photos.

If you would like to organise for me to come to your town or region, get in touch so we can discuss plans and pricing.

I suggest for the destination portraits, to round up a couple or group of friends or from the local schools in your area, so we can create a special discounted photo package.