Family photography should be about capturing the personalities of the family and the individuals that make up that family in surroundings that tell us something about the family.

That’s why the Deb Boots LIFE STORIES approach to family portraits is laid-back and where we let the children lead the session. The sessions are about going down to the park or beach, finding an alleyway or hanging out at home and just having a fun family outing. Letting the connections occur organically with me hanging around take some photos while you play with the kids.

Next time you are looking to update your family photo collection … come play with Deb Boots and her camera !!



Typically the family photo sessions are scheduled for weekday afternoons to take advantage of the natural afternoon light. We also do offer limited Saturday and Sunday sessions when available.

For our Sydney family sessions, especially during the summer months where we are fortunate to have Daylight Saving and the sun doesn’t go down to 8pm at night, there is time after work to head down to your local park or the beach before sunset.

For our Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast family sessions, well its glorious Queensland and because of our mild winters, there are lots of sunny afternoons to take advantage off.

The session lasts around 1-2 hours



I share my time between Sydney and Brisbane, and offer family photography sessions to families living anywhere between the NSW South Coast to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. That includes all the areas in between – Sydney, NSW Central Coast, Newcastle through to Byron Bay in Northern NSW and Northern Rivers district as well as the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast.

Because Im on the road a lot, I’m available for family photography sessions in regional areas as well – I would hate for any family to miss out on the opportunity to have their family’s story captured.  I particularly like to offer regional families the opportunity to have their family photos taken because they don’t always have the opportunity to access professional family photography services. Travel fees may apply, but I quote on an individual basis – Im sure there is a way we can make it happen, possibly another family taking up the opportunity to have family photos taken.

I like to use a variety of locations, from the beautiful countryside to gardens and the beach. Depending upon the style/look desired for each family, but we will discuss this prior to your session to find a suitable location that matches the family’s personalities and activities they like to do together. I will meet you at the arranged location on the day of the shoot.



Now you have invested time and money into getting professional photography of your family, it makes no sense to just store your digital files in a drawer gathering dust.  We recommend printing your photos and proudly displaying them in your home.

For my style of shooting that is based on storytelling, I believe photo albums are the best way to display your photos. Its more about the series of photos than just one hero photo.  You can leave your photo album on your coffee table so your kids grow up looking back on the photos and share in on how invested you are in your family.

I also offer fine art prints – the photos are printed on a beautiful museum-grade fine art paper with a matte finish. The prints are archival-quality to ensure every image will look beautiful for a long time.



If you don’t live in or near Brisbane or Sydney, that is not a problem as Deb Boots Life Stories offers ‘destination portrait sessions‘.

Destination Portrait Sessions are when I travel to regional or country areas around NSW, Queensland and Australia wide, giving families in regional areas the same opportunity as city folk to get beautiful family photos.

If you would like to organise for me to come to your town or region, get in touch so we can discuss plans and pricing.

I suggest for the destination portraits, to round up a couple or group of friends or from the local schools in your area, so we can create a special discounted photo package.