In some ways it feels like yesterday I photographed Michelle & Dave on their wedding day, but having followed their growing family and just having photographed their 3 kids, the wedding definitely wasn’t yesterday.

With the birth of their little boy Sonny in December 2016, Im sure dad Dave welcomes another boy to the family of girls. It was also a great opportunity to photograph the family in their new home after a long battle to get the home actually built. Families create lots of memories in their home, so I love shooting at-home family lifestyle photography sessions.

Im probably too honest for my own good, but I have to say it wasn’t an easy family session as far as getting everyone to co-operate, all at once. Adding any 2 year old to the mix is always going to throw a spanner in the works and not being able to predict their behaviour.  But that is what I love about family lifestyle photography – its about the raw, honest moments between a family. The everyday of raising children isn’t perfect, and I think its time that we acknowledge that in our family photos. Besides that, real is so much more fun!

While I said it wasn’t an easy session as far as getting the traditional family photo, where everyone is looking at the camera together and having arms & legs all in the perfect pose, my favourite images are all the other images. Like the shots of Elle and her dad. Elle is a very affection, playful kid and has a special bond with her dad – I remember at their last family session capturing similar images of how close they are. My other favourite photos are of Emmie eating yoghurt at the end of the session – messy is so adorable! And Sonny, OMG those big black eyes just melt your heart. I remember photographing Elle, the eldest daughter when she was a newborn and she had the same mohawk hairstyle that Sonny has.

Take a peek at some of my favourite images from the Asplin’s at-home family lifestyle photography session

If these kind of family photos strike a cord with you, let’s chat!

Meet Elise (Ellie) – 4 years, gentle natured, cuddler.
View Elise’s newborn session here

Meet Emmie – 2 years, cheeky individual!
View Michelle’s maternity session from when she was pregnant with Emmie
View Emmie’s newborn session and the first Asplin family photo session

Meet Sonny – 2 months, adorable bundle of joy and younger brother to Ellie & Emmie!


Kids don’t want to sit still for boring posed family portraits,
so I like to play games with kids to bring out their natural personalities.

Not every family has a putting green on their rooftop, but Dave does. Check out those fabulous views of the Brisbane River.
The girls like to hang out with Dad and have a putt too.

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