Destination Portraits is where Deb Boots LIFE STORIES jumps in the car and heads out on a road trip or on a plane and brings the family portraits and lifestyle photography service to you!

Whether that be because you live in a remote part of this beautiful country, there isn’t a local portrait photographer or simply you love the Deb Boots LIFE STORIES style and you would like Deb to come and document your family’s story.

I know your first thoughts are probably thinking it would be too expensive to get me to your town. Not at all! My travel rates are quite affordable … keep reading and I will explain how.

The way these Destination Portrait sessions are best organised, is to get a group of people in your local community or region to also jump on board for a family portrait session, that way the travel expenses can be distributed, and make it really affordable for every family.

I do this by getting you local folk to help spread the word throughout your local schools, community groups, church gatherings and so forth and get as many families on board as possible.  The more the merrier and the more we can distribute the travel costs.  We just then plan a time for me to come out to your community for a couple of days or even a week, depending on how many sessions we book.

Because locations vary from a few hours drive to jumping on a plane, and also how many families are interested, I quote on an individual basis for the Destination Portraits. Travel costs might include return flights, car hire, petrol and accommodation expenses, to be distributed, so I customise a few package options after talking with you and finding out a few details.

Then its a matter of promoting Deb Boots LIFE STORIES is coming to your town and I take the bookings.

I love travelling and would love to photograph you and your community.

Contact Deb for more information via the contact form or ring 0419043030