Sydney & Brisbane family portraits & lifestyle photography sessions
for the modern Australian family !


So you don’t want those baby photos where the baby is wrapped in a blanket, perfectly posed in unnatural positions, boys in blue, girls in pink and wearing cute headbands! And definitely don’t want those family sessions where everyone is wearing matching jeans and white shirts! Well you have come to the right place!

Not that there is anything wrong with that style of family portraits and baby photography, its just not my taste or how I think family stories should be told. And definitely not what I am offering in the way of family portraits. I focus on documenting families in their natural environments, real moments and showing the individual’s personality through activities and showcasing their natural fashion style – that means no matching anything.

Now that we have that clear, let’s move on to what I do offer in the way of family portraits …

Similar to documenting couples on their wedding day and telling their LoveStories, I want to offer family portraits that are all about documenting the next phase of the couples lives beyond the wedding day as part of Deb Boots LIFE STORIES sessions.

Capturing LIFE STORIES in a documentary style, to tell the authentic story of the family doing what they love and where they like to hang out.

And it seems on asking around, that is how modern parents are wanting to capture the stories of their youngsters. Raw as the emotions get, and as muddy as the little monkeys can get, well some times at least. That’s real life!

Unlike those boring family portraits where everyone is wearing matching outfits and they could be any family, our Family Portrait Sessions are FUN.  With a huge emphasis on telling your unique stories and personalities, and capturing how you interact as a family – from those lazy Sunday morning spent reading stories to the kids in bed, at the breakfast table or playing in the backyard under the sprinkler on a hot summer’s day.

Deb Boots LIFE STORIES is not about creating fake styled shoots! It’s the authentic stories that tell the most about a family and the love they share.

Deb offers sessions in both Sydney & Brisbane – or Destination Family Photography Sessions if you aren’t in either of those locations.

Deb offers the following photography sessions, but she can also create a session around your family too:

Maternity Portrait ‘Belly’ Session – a maternity portrait session with your partner to celebrate the exciting baby news and expected arrival of your new baby to share with family & friends.  For Deb it’s a must to include the father-to-be in the  session, as it’s a chance for the expecting parents to bond and have some together-time prior to baby’s arrival. For more information and photo galleries from past sessions, visit the Maternity Portraits & Lifestyle Photography page …

Newborn Portrait & Lifestyle Session – the newborn portrait & lifestyle session is a chance for mum and dad to bond with their new baby at home. You both have created a beautiful nest in the nursery so its a great place to start your baby’s photo story. Just being with and enjoying your new baby.  I will capture your newborn as he/she sleeps, feeds, bathes and makes cute expressions. We can also bring other family members, typically the grandparents, in towards the end of the session for some portraits as well. The duration a baby is a newborn is fleeting, so it’s nice to capture this special time and all those little fingers and toes. For more information and photo galleries from past sessions, visit the Newborn Portraits & Lifestyle Photography page …


Family Portrait & Lifestyle Session -the family being captured doing the things they love, in the places they love, at home and around the local community. Whether that be going to the local park with the kids and pets, to a Sunday morning in bed with the kids having a pillow fight, followed by a cook up in the kitchen for breakfast, to going to your local produce markets for the weekly shop, to harvesting your backyard garden plot.  These sessions can include anyone in the family from mum and dad, brothers and sisters, grandparents, step parents/siblings and even the family pet. Treat these family sessions as playtime, because after all it’s the little things that the kids do, that tell the story of their personalities as they grow, and those are the things parents want to remember. For more information and photo galleries from past sessions, visit the Family Portraits & Lifestyle Photography page …


Graduation photography – Deb is reinventing the graduation photo with fashion-inspired high school seniors portrait sessions. For more information and photo galleries from past sessions, visit the Teen Portraits & Graduation Photography page …


To ask a question or to book your portrait session, please contact Deb via the contact page or call 0419 043030.