Hey, I’m Deb Boots, a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based out of Brisbane and Sydney. I document stories of people, weddings under LoveStories and families; expecting mothers and newborns, here under LifeStories.

In order to photograph your family, I believe you need to know a little about me and my life story.

I probably have a little skewed or unconventional idea of what family means. I was adopted as a baby. I don’t remember being told Im adopted, its just something I have always known, so there was always this unsettling feeling of not being part of a family. I have an older brother who is also adopted, but it’s never felt like we had the ties of a brother and sister.  While I have known my entire life, it wasn’t an easy journey understanding what family is. And to this day being adopted is something I am aware of at some point in each day. Growing up we weren’t a close family, not like I witnessed in my childhood friend’s families – that just seemed to emphasis that my family wasn’t close because we didn’t share the same bloodlines. It took me along time to realise family is not about bloodlines, but family comes from caring and loving someone. I wish I had learnt that lesson sooner.

I always knew I wanted to know who my birth-mother was, I put it more down to curiosity than anything, so at the age of 18 years old I started the process to find her. It took time and a few letters for me to finally get to meet my birth-mother in person. It was a brief meeting in a park. Ive never written, spoke to or meet with her since that day. It was an experience I couldn’t never relate to any other experience.

Through my journey seeking out my birth-mother I discovered she’d had another daughter and adopted her out too. Long story short, she was living in the USA. To this day we have met in person just 4 times. The 3rd time we met up in Sydney while she was travelling with girlfriends from the USA and they couldn’t help but stare at us noticing the family resemblance. When you are adopted and grow up not knowing any blood relations, that was the best feeling to feel like I belonged.

Family is about belonging and that is what I want to capture in my LifeStories sessions.

Born and raised in Sydney for the most part of my life, I then moved to Brisbane 10 years ago. With regular visits to see family in Sydney, I am available for photo sessions in both Sydney and Brisbane.

I discovered photography over 15 years ago and after relocating to Brisbane, have been lucky enough to make it my full-time profession for over 6 years.

If I wasn’t a photographer I would be an interior designer. Seriously, that was what I was tossing up between when I purchased my first DSLR. In fact, the reason I started photography was a possible business venture selling art for interior spaces.

I love dogs, travel, hanging out in cafes and good coffee!


Why LifeStories?

With all my wedding couples wanting natural wedding photos, surely as they were starting to have babies, they would also want their newborns and family photos also documented with a natural approach. That’s where my Lifestyle Newborn Photography and Lifestyle Family Photography grew from, creating Deb Boots LifeStories.

Sometimes its the things you don’t have or experience, that drive a passion, and for me that is documenting families. I do believe investing in your family’s memories helps show how important they are, and having photos proudly displayed around your home is the biggest way you can tell your children you love them without having to say a word.