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I started Life Stories 2 years ago. A mix of reasons had me wanting to photograph families. 

One reason, that I share a special day with my couples on their wedding day, when I document their love story. Then I would see those couples starting their family.  I really wanted to be apart of continuing to document their story as their family grew. It’s important to capture these fleeting moments because they can’t be repeated and this is where I come into play, providing my couples with professional photos for their family archives

The main reason, was that I am adopted and don’t have a close family, but it’s something I always dreamed off as I watched childhood friends sharing moments with their families, and even today as a grown up I watch families having these beautiful close relationships. Not having had experienced something, can make you realise how important, and if not more motivated, that something like having family photos of important moments your family members experience together should be captured for future memories. A few years ago when my own mother passed away, I discovered we didn’t have many photos of her or us as a family. That was a big smack in the face for me, particularly being a professional photographer. These are just a few reasons why I think it’s important to have family photos at least every couple of years. To update your family photos as the family grows, capturing milestones, and sadly they can be the last set of photos you might have of a particular family member – I have seen this happen with my wedding photos.  

Another huge reason, is I’m an advocate for lifestyle & documentary photography – that means capturing real life moments as they happen! There is basically no posing or staging people to look down the barrel of the camera lens, because that tends to make people feel awkward, and it shows in the results. I want to capture natural emotions because at the end of the day, that’s what makes pretty pictures but more importantly creates heartfelt and genuine memories.

It truly is a privilege to be asked by new parents to capture the first professional photos of their newborn and them as a family. And especially to those couples who I photograph on their wedding day, to then be asked back again to photograph their families. Thank you to each and everyone of you, who keep allowing my dream as a full time professional photographer alive. I really means more than words can express.

When I look through images, it’s not the perfectly posed photos that draw my attention. It’s the photos that make me feel something. The photos where you capture special moments, the connection between the people, the love they share, the fun they are having, those are the photos that stand out. I hope those are the images that attract my clients to Life Stories and me documenting your family’s story.

Here are some highlights from my year in photographing your Life Stories – moments of real life, families having fun together, milestones, heartfelt hugs, new little humans, and I even snuck in a dog portrait :) … enjoy the memories!


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