A Night to Remember presented by Wedlock Events


Last Saturday I’m excited to say I got to participate in the very first Ipswich wedding fiesta ‘A Night To Remember‘ presented by Wedlock Events at The Old Church in Marburg.

There has never been a wedding fair like it in the Ipswich and Somerset region and it truly was A Night To Remember.

A collaboration of some seriously talented and passionate folk – crafters, creatives, photo takers, food and beverage lovers, and music makers, came together to make this truly a wedstival like no other in the Somerset region.

Chef Nate from Limestone Catering provided the tasting table full of delicious cheeses, fruits and deli meats. Lowood Lions were there to ensure we didn’t go hungry serving up sausage sandwiches, burgers and chips. Refreshments were provided by 4 Hearts Brewing at Pumpyard Bar in Ipswich at the 4 Hearts Brewing at Pumpyard Bar in Ipswich in Ipswich. Good tunes kept us entertained throughout the evening with thanks to Inretrospect Vinyl DJ mixing it on the decks. Plus we had the boys from the Good Fortunes Barber Shop Quartet to entertain us with some tunes from yesteryear. Tangible Media were the on-the-ground official photographers and also provided a visual display on the outdoor projection screen. If you love screenprinting like myself, Gang of Smiths is where you can get all your personalised wedding printing. And it’s not a party without a vintage caravan photo booth, thanks Frankie & Mavis. Vera & Rose were responsible for all the florals and styling. With George & Frankies on hand providing the beautiful vintage hair-dos and makeup for the gorgeous models for the fashion parade.  The talented Little Brown Dog is the fashion designer behind the upcycled bridal wear for both the bride and groom. 

I can’t describe in words how adorably quaint the old church is. It no longer functions as a church, but there is ample room and pews available to hold an indoor ceremony. Alternative the grounds could be used for an outdoor garden ceremony, with the bonus of an indoor space to serve as a wet weather backup.

The surrounding lawns provide plenty of space for guests to mingle as well as room for long festival style tables with food trucks and a vintage caravan bar.  A wooden floor or the church could be your dancefloor. Making The Old Church at Marburg the ideal location for a festival style wedding just 20 minutes from Ipswich or 45-60 minutes from Brisbane.  I can’t tell you how eager I am to photograph a wedding at this venue!

The fiesta kicked off at 5pm and carried on into the night. Here are some snaps I took during the evening.

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