Sorry brides, gone are the days were a wedding was all about the bride and what bridal gown she is wearing. Today, weddings are about both the bride and groom. So it’s equally important for the groom to impress and make a fashion statement with his wardrobe. And if I can speak for us women who believe in equality, shouldn’t the groom be impressing his bride too!

With thanks to Wil Valor, they share some of the different strategies they use to differentiate the Wil Valor grooms.

All photos featured in this article are by me Deb Boots photographer

Switch up the Jacket

One subtle way to distinguish the groom from the rest of his wedding party is to put him in a different styled dinner jacket or suit jacket. For instance, if the rest of the guys are wearing a two button jacket, the groom can wear the one button variety. Or, the groom can wear a double breasted jacket while his friends sport a single breasted cut. Small differences like these are a great way to get the groom noticed without the appearance of trying too hard.



Use Colour (or a pattern) to Distinguish the Groom

A way that can be quite clever is to use colour (or a pattern) to distinguish the groom.  For a subtle effect, have all the groomsmen wear the same colour tie, but then have the groom wear one of the secondary wedding colours. This can also be done with pocket squares and vests. The point is, make him stand out, but make sure the colour chosen does anchor him to the wedding’s main scheme. For a more obvious approach, put the groom in a contrasting coloured suit. If the groomsmen are wearing a medium grey, then the groom can wear a charcoal grey to help distinguish him. The darker colour will also help him be slightly more formal, which is what you want. There are many variations.

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The Accessories – Boutonnieres, Ties, Vests, Cufflinks …

Aside from alternate colours, the groom can achieve contrast by wearing different versions of accessories than what his groomsmen are wearing.  For instance, a completely different boutonniere would set the groom apart. Or, if the groomsmen are all wearing jacket, shirt and tie, then the groom can add a vest. Same goes for the tie. He can wear a bow tie, while his friends wear a Windsor knot. With this approach there are as many possibilities as there are accessories.




Generally I would try to keep the shoes the same but one option is the groom can wear the black patent shoe with the rest wearing a polished black shoe. The difference is subtle and allows the groom to stand out just a little more.

These are just a few ideas Wil Valor have shared to differentiate being a fashionable groom, but visit them in their WV Brisbane store where they can show you a range of suit and accessory options.

If you aren’t sure what any of the terminology is when it comes to men’s style, check out Wil Valor’s Men’s Style Dictionary.


Check out below how some of my past grooms have differentiated from their groomsmen.

1076-wedding-photographers-brisbane-boomerang-farm-gold-coast-hinterland-boho-wedding-groom-groomsmen-photos  1083-wedding-photographers-brisbane-boomerang-farm-gold-coast-hinterland-boho-wedding-bride-groom-bridesmaids-groomsmen-bridal-party-photos  0079-branell-homestead-wedding-brisbane-wedding-photographer-bridal-bride-groom-bridesmaids-groomsmen  0181-brisbane-wedding-photography-henzells-chapel-mount-pleasant-dayboro-groom-groomslady-groomsmen-photo  0010-wedding-day-photography-timeline-groom-portraits


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