I have to say I have been enjoying the interesting cufflinks my grooms have been wearing lately.


Most recently Rohan’s handmade bride and groom pig cufflinks … would have to be cutest cufflinks ever!


Rohan’s cufflinks were a gift from his bride. His bride (aka wife) handmade those little oink-ers herself.

For you Simpson fans, you might recognise the pig cufflinks from the ones Homer gives Hugh in the episode where Lisa gets her future told at the fair.

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What about Joe’s rad personalised vintage map cufflinks from Posh Totty Designs


See more photos from Joe’s Fortitude Valley wedding at Holy Spirit Church New Farm and Brisbane’s Room Three Sixty



Continuing the run of cool cufflinks …


Lee wore a pair of exquisitely handcrafted stainless steel Timeless Cufflinks which are embedded with jewelled rubies throughout the watch mechanism showcasing all of its gears, cogs and escapement wheel. The parts are sourced from two watches from the Soviet era dating from the 1960s. Handcrafted by Time Flies Designs, specialising in fusing mechanical watch parts and semi-precious stones.

I can’t help but admire the craftsmanship that goes into these cufflinks with all those tiny pieces.

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Im going to finish up with some superhero themed cufflinks …

0005-branell-homestead-wedding-groom-details-laidley-toowoomba-photo  0013-branell-homestead-wedding-groom-prep-laidley-toowoomba-photo

Chris and his groomsmen wore superhero cufflinks – Superman, Batman & The Flash.

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