An Autumn engagement photo session  in the countryside around Maleny in the Sunshine Coast hinterland


Kate & Peter’s engagement session was a bit of a fun adventure. They actually live walking distance from me and as our destination for their engagement shoot was Maleny, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, we drove up together. It was a great chance to get to know these two better before we got stuck into the photography.

Im a bit in love with their couples photography session. Autumn is a great time to be out photographing; the weather is cooler, the light is pretty and the colours in nature are changing.

We headed up the Bruce Highway and turned off to Maleny at Steve Irwin Way, were we hit our first location, a pretty woodlands forest.

0001-engagement-photography-sunshine-coast-forest-woodlands-photo  0002-engagement-photography-sunshine-coast-forest-woodlands-photo  0003-engagement-photography-sunshine-coast-forest-woodlands-photo  0004-engagement-photography-sunshine-coast-forest-woodlands-photo

We then jumped back in the car and headed to Maleny to this little quiet spot I love because of the country feel and dirt road.

0005-engagement-photography-maleny-country-field-photo  0006-engagement-photography-maleny-country-field-photo  0007-engagement-photography-maleny-country-field-photo  0008-engagement-photography-maleny-country-field-photo  0009-engagement-photography-maleny-country-road-photo  0010-engagement-photography-maleny-country-road-photo  0011-engagement-photography-maleny-country-road-photo  0012-engagement-photography-maleny-country-road-photo  0013-engagement-photography-maleny-country-road-photo  0014-engagement-photography-maleny-country-rustic-fence-photo  0015-engagement-photography-maleny-country-rustic-fence-photo  0016-engagement-photography-maleny-country-rustic-fence-photo  0017-engagement-photography-maleny-country-rustic-fence-photo

We then moved on to the popular photo location that has affectionately become known as One Tree Hill in Maleny, to continue the shoot as we waited to capture the sunset over the rolling green hills and Glass House Mountains in the distance.

In photography we talk about shooting in the best light, well we had arrived a bit early to this spot so it was still quite bright and sunny. Well I love a challenge and being a wedding photographer, you don’t always have the most ideal lighting, so you learn to work with what you are given. In these situations backlighting is the go-to lighting choice. I love the way the sun lights these two lovebirds blonde hair from behind, it adds like a magical glow.

0018-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0019-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0020-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0021-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0022-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0023-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0024-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0025-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0026-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0027-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0028-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0029-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0030-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0031-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0032-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0033-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0034-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0035-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0036-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0037-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0038-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo    0041-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0042-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0043-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0045-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0046-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo  0047-engagement-photography-maleny-one-tree-hill-photo

If you are planning on using One Tree Hill Maleny for either your engagement photography or wedding day location photos, please note this is private property and you do need to make prior arrangements with the property owner along with a donation is required to be paid on the day. Simply put your donation in the letterbox of the house at the top of the hill on the day of the shoot. Cows can be found on the property so please ensure you close/lock the gate and don’t leave any rubbish/bottles behind.  This property is a popular location for Maleny wedding photos, so please show respect by abiding to the rules in order for the continued use of One Tree Hill. Simply Google One Tree Hill and you should find a contact number for the owner Mrs Woods.

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