Fun wedding photos Doughnut Time Fortitude Valley Brisbane

Well to say Im not that much into the number of Instagram or Facebook likes, would by lying today! … when I noticed this morning that Doughnut Time had reposted one of my images from Anna & Joe’s Fortitude Valley wedding and it had attracted 1300+ likes, I did start to care about number of likes … haha

Ive been watching the number of Instagram likes grow over the day and at last time I looked it was sitting at 2800+ likes. Im not going to watch anymore !!! haha … as if, Im now intrigued to see how high the likes will go …

Fun wedding photos Doughnut Time Fortitude Valley Brisbane

If you have a craving for sweet things like doughnuts, follow along on Doughnut Time’s Instagram feed here. Oh and if you are more of a Facebook-er the photo has received 500+ likes. Follow along on Facebook here.

Fun wedding photos Doughnut Time Fortitude Valley Brisbane

Which brings me to my point, wedding photography is about creating a variety of images to tell the couple’s story.  There is the must-have photos of course – like family portraits, the bride, the groom, dad walking his girl down the aisle, the first kiss, the newlyweds together, bridal party photos and so on.  But remember, some of the best wedding photos come from those in between unscripted candid moments, maybe on the dance floor or fun wedding photos like this bridal party enjoying a sweet treat at Doughnut Time in Fortitude Valley.

Check out some of the wedding fun we got up to with Anna, Joe and their bridal party as we roamed the streets of Fortitude Valley, taking in Doughnut Time and Alfred & Constance  …

Have fun with your wedding photos.



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