I was in Fiji to photograph a wedding at the Outrigger on the Lagoon Fiji Resort, but on top of taking tourist happy-snaps, I like to organise a photoshoot of some sort.

This portrait session with with Malia & Stu, who are local Fijian wedding photographers … no pressure right!

Stu & Malia, the husband & wife team behind Lia & Stu Destination Photographers servicing the Fiji Islands.

Malia has Hawaiian heritage and Stuart is American. They met in Hawaii and now live and work in beautiful Fiji sharing their two passions, photography and surfing. Make sure you check out their amazing underwater photography session as they take the day-after wedding and Trash The Dress shoots to new depths.

We had a beautiful afternoon of sunshine for the couple’s portrait session near Nadi, Fiji where they live. I got a little lost on the way so was running late and managed to get myself pulled over by the local Fijian police for apparently doing an illegal u-turn. Thankfully the kind officer let me off with a warning. Shortly after, Malia & Stu rocked up behind me in one of those very cool black taxi’s you see all over Fiji – sweet! We went a short way up the road, then drove off the side of the road, down the embankment, across the train track and into someone’s farm, and that was our location for our session. Malia & Stu are dog and animal people, and in my books that means they are people with a good soul.   I was suppose to meet the rest of their animal family and include them in our shoot, but me getting lost meant I was way off track to get to their house – buggar!

It was nice to just get out in unfamiliar surroundings, pull out the camera and work with what I had. It turned out to be one of my favourite couple’s sessions ever, even though it lasted only about 30 minutes. But in that short amount of time we pulled out some awesome photos and doesn’t Malia just have a smile that would light up any room.

Here are some images from their session.  I warn you, these two are cute!

0001-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0002-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0003-fiji-destination-wedding-photos    0005-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0006-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0007-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0008-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0013-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0009-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0010-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0011-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0012-fiji-destination-wedding-photos    0014-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0015-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0016-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0017-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0018-fiji-destination-wedding-photos    0020-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0021-fiji-destination-wedding-photos    0023-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0024-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0025-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0026-fiji-destination-wedding-photos    0028-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0029-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0030-fiji-destination-wedding-photos    0032-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0033-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0034-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0035-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0036-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0037-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0038-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0039-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0040-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0041-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0042-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0043-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0045-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0048-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0049-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0050-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0051-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0052-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0053-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0054-fiji-destination-wedding-photos  0055-fiji-destination-wedding-photos


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