I’m most at home with my camera when I’m surrounded by nature, photographing a couple in love and we have the luxury of time to let the couple relax and their emotions unfold naturally in front of my camera.

I had scouted this spot the day before Carrie & Daniel’s wedding, but thought the climb up the embankment in a wedding gown might be too much to ask a bride.

The next day, when Carrie said sure no problem, she made me the happiest photographer! The one picture I had really hoped to capture, that I didn’t think I had a chance to even attempt, came true!

As soon as I told Carrie & Daniel my photo idea, they could see it too and were just as excited about the photo as I was. I even love the extra pictures I snapped of Daniel helping his new wife up and down the embankment, but this is the one I love!

Because the branches and roots of the two trees were so entwined and busy, I kept the position of Carrie & Daniel rather simple so as to not compete with the messy roots below them.

When I caught up with Carrie & Daniel a few weeks later, they too loved the photo.

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