Warehouse weddings at Vieille Branche

Brisbane wedding venue, Vieille Branche in Albion is one of Brisbane’s unique and alternative wedding venues with an industrial warehouse feel. The Vieille Branche warehouse is full of eclectic French farmhouse furniture for couples searching for a unique creative space with European style as a backdrop for their wedding day memories.



The Vieille Branche inner city Brisbane warehouse wedding experience is second to none. Offering brides and grooms a personalised and homely experience for the couple and their guests while they have exclusive use of the property on their special day. The antique French ambience of Vieille Branche makes you feel like you’ve stepped into another world.

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As a frequent visitor to the Vieille Branche cafe, former tenant in one of the upstairs office spaces and a wedding photographer that photographs at a lot of Brisbane wedding venues, I can only say great things about owners husband and wife duo, JC & Jen and the Vieille Branche team.

The warehouse wedding venue embraces the Normandy lifestyle (where co-owner JC grew up), a fishing village and coastal town in northern France. That of a relaxed and casual environment surrounded by family and friends, with good food and wine, where you and your guests are treated like part of the family.

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And we haven’t even talked about the beautiful European farmhouse furniture and styling that all comes part of the venue. Some simple foliage and flowers for colour, and that is all you need to contribute to add some personalised styling touches to make it your own.

Utilising the back of the warehouse in front of the big windows with lots of natural light streaming in is the ideal spot for your ceremony. As it’s and indoor ceremony venue, it also serves as your wet weather backup plan.

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Then while mingling in the front cafe area or garden, the space is switched over for your evening reception.

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Vieille Branche is a photographer’s dream with endless photo opportunities and locations around the warehouse. Their is the warehouse itself, the adjoining garden complete with an old bus, the surrounding industrial area and park across the road. With New Farm, Teneriffe and Brisbane CBD just a short drive away if you wish to venture a bit further for your wedding photos.

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With so many wedding photo location opportunities there is no reason to leave Vieille Branche once you arrive. Only having to leave when the wedding is over. And for those of you who want to party on after the wedding, the nightlife of Fortitude Valley and Brisbane City is just a short Uber ride away.

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If you are interested in having a warehouse wedding at Vieille Branche, I suggest you get in early!


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