Last weekend I got to hangout at the Brisbane Vintage Bride Wedding Fair at Hillstone in St Lucia to take the official photos of all the vendors pretty stands.

These events are always a great excuse to catch up with wedding industry friends.

If you weren’t able to attend, this is what you missed out on …

Tracey Moyle from Ceremonies & Celebrations is a Brisbane marriage celebrant. Tracey specialises in personalising a couple’s vows. And if you are into comics, Star Wars, all that nerdy stuff, and despite her facade, Tracey is a total nerd and music lover at heart, and can often be found at music festivals and Supanova.


Also representing the celebrants is Josh Withers. Josh is a bit of a celebrity marriage celebrant, made famous by his selfies with his brides and grooms, seen in the media, plus appearing on that wedding TV show we won’t talk about ;). But I can assure you Josh’s heart is in the right place when it comes to marrying couples in love.

And a big kudos goes out to Josh as he wants to make the wedding industry a better place by getting back to the core of weddings are about, two people in love. Josh’s beautiful wife Britt joined the wedding industry a while back to help create stylish pop-up weddings and epic elopements under the Elopement Collective. Britt was representing at the Brisbane Vintage Bride Wedding Fair too, and of course alongside her beau. Awww one of the cutest couples in the wedding industry!

0002-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0003-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo

Then it was time to sneak around to see Vanessa Hoe behind When Freddie Met Lilly – stunning vintage inspired wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, cocktail gowns, formal wear, accessories and suits for the groom and groomsmen as well.

0005-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0006-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0007-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo

And while on the topic of bridal gowns, how adorable are the Silver Sixpence tea-length vintage-inspired dresses!

0008-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0009-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo

And for all your vintage accessories; suspenders and caps, and even for your junior groomsmen and pageboys check out Victoria Blue.


I’m a wedding photographer that gets excited when I see a beautiful bunch of colourful, fresh flowers! It’s usually the first item I see when I walk into bride prep and for me visually sets the style of the wedding day about to happen. A pretty bouquet usually dictates a pretty amazing wedding day … haha.


Coconut Earth Flowers


0012-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0013-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo

Madison in Bloom

Oh Lawdy, the way a bride feels on her wedding day is up there with the top priorities. A great team of girls looking after the bride and her bridesmaids beauty needs is essential. Even before the wedding day, hair and makeup trials are an essential part of planning for a bride’s big day. Well the Lawdy Miss Claudy Glamour Van might be just right up your alley – how darn adorable is the glamour van!

0017-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0018-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0019-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0020-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0021-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0022-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo

I can’t emphasis enough how important professional wedding styling is. Those girls sure earn every cent they charge. I’ve seen them carrying loads of heavy furniture pieces, doing multiple trips because there is usually so many elements and layers that really make the difference between DIY and a professional stylist’s hand at work. Wedding styling truly makes a wedding look more magical and well it is a one-off event, so why not spoil yourself with a touch of style for this one day.


Hodge Podge Hire


Circle of Love Weddings


Emrajo Linen

Now who doesn’t love beautiful wedding stationery and invitations! Check out these designers of all things pretty … Daisy WoodElliefont & I Am Poppy


With a new wave of cool filmmakers heading for the wedding industry plus video equipment being more affordable, there are some pretty exciting wedding films hitting our screens. I must admit I am a sucker for cute branding and business names, but at the end of the day the quality and service has to be top notch too. Here is a new name in wedding films that popped up on my radar recently, even before the Brisbane Vintage Bride Wedding Fair, so I suggest you head over and check out the Rabbit and the Bear Brisbane wedding films website.

0023-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0024-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0025-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0026-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo

Motion Reel Films

For some vintage photo booth fun check out these guys …

0027-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0028-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo

Moonsieur vintage photo booth


Instathat – photo booth / Instagram printer


In The Booth

There was such a variety of wedding vendors with lots of great wedding inspiration …

0033-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0034-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0035-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo

The Itty Bitty Vintage Van also known as the Ginger Ninja Van – Bar Service for Weddings & Events


August & Lucy with Gilbert the Vintage Caravan Bar

0037-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0038-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo

Roaring Twenties – Vintage Wedding Car Hire

0039-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0040-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0041-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo

Blooming Lovely Bouquets

0043-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0044-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo

Naomi’s Shaken & Baken Wedding Cakes & Toppers

0048-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo  0047-brisbane-vintage-bride-wedding-fair-hillstone-st-lucia-photo

And learn to dance for your bridal waltz with Rhythm & Dance Attitude

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