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I took this photo about 4 years ago but have always been too afraid to share it because of the negative comments I’m sure it will attract for being out of focus. However thanks to a photographer friend, she gave me the courage to put it out there.

What I love about this photo, I feel the blur helps to make a private moment between this couple.  I feel it also helps disconnects me as the photographer from the moment and makes it all about the couple.  Back in the day, I did edit it to give it a looks like film flavour with scratches and light leaks and also adds drama and mood. As taking the photo in the direction of a fine art piece.

Love it or hate it, I’m beyond caring what others think and happy to put out something that deep down makes me happy. And that’s all photography/art should be, something to put a smile on your face!

And from the favourable responses I’ve received with likes and comments on Instagram and Facebook, I shouldn’t have been afraid.

Thank you to all of you that support me and continue to allow me to take the photos I want to take.

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