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I can’t speak for other photographers, but what I’ve noticed over the years is, us photographers behind closed doors are very insecure about the work we put out no matter how long we have been a professional photographer for. Always questioning is our work or are we good enough. This will link back to the conversation so keep reading.

I took my brother and his girlfriend out for a couples photoshoot in the Blue Mountains. I’d only met his girlfriend once before, and so the pressure was on not only to impress her, but my big older brother. I’d never photographed professionally in my home city of Sydney, as I didn’t take up photography as a profession until I moved to Brisbane 11 years ago, but I was excited to be doing their session in such a picturesque landscape like the Blue Mountains where surely there were endless beautiful locations for photos.

We had planned a casual day of having lunch first and then wandering around to find some good spots for photos. My brother and I have never been close so I was definitely feeling the pressure. I wasn’t feeling inspired by any of the locations we stopped at – too touristy for my likings. I really was starting to panic that it wasn’t going to happen. We did do a few photos, but nothing to blow them away with.

We kept going as I’m not the type to give up easy. After a shout out to a celebrant friend who had conducted a wedding ceremony in the mountains, we found our spot finally. Probably helped it was on sunset and the light was just magical. Having lived in Brisbane for 11 years where we don’t have daylight savings ( I cried for 11 years about this .. haha ), the light at 7.30pm during daylight savings in the Blue Mountains is pure magic.

They say don’t work with kids or pets, well after this day, I’d say don’t work with brothers! My brother was the hardest person I’ve ever had to take photos off. He didn’t like people watching, so he never truly relaxed and I tried every trick in my photographer’s toolbox.

I honestly thought I’d come away with no decent images! I was afraid I’d missed any good moments and all the expressions would be unflattering facial expressions or just not connecting with one another and so on. I thought I’d be lucky to deliver 5 good shots from the day.

I truly put myself under some serious pressure, and for no-one else but myself – I’m always striving to be a better photographer. Also adding to the challenge, I was shooting in a spectacular location, the Blue Mountains, where photographers deliver some seriously spectacular images from this part of the country, so if I want to get anything close to that, I need to pull some serious shit of the camera.

Phew, I forgot I was a professional and done this many times before, and should have trusted my instincts. I was able to deliver a full gallery of easily 100+ images and some of my favourite images I’ve ever taken.

When I started scrolling through the images on my screen I was relieved big time. Here are just some of what I delivered to my brother and his girlfriend. A bit adorable aren’t they!

blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0001  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0006  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0008  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0002  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0003  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0022  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0006  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0007  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0008  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0010  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0038  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0013  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0015  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0017  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0018  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0021  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0022  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0024  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0055  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0066  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0070  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0028-1  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0074  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0076  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0037  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0084  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0038  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0093  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0041  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0042  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0043  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0110  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0112  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0117  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0049-1  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0051-1  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0126  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0052-1  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0131  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0132  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0136  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0140  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0142  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0143  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0145  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0147  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0148  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0150  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0151  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0058-1  blue-mountains-nsw-photography-deb-boots-love-stories-0154  blue-mountains-couples-photography-brisbane-wedding-engagement-photographer-0059-1

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