I remember meeting Alexzandria & Michael at their consult { who came all the way from Esk } and had my fingers and toes crossed they would book me – sometimes you just know when you see a couple together that they are going to be super cute in front of the camera – and that they were !!

Check out these photos from Alexzandria & Michael’s super cute lovebirds session from the weekend at Fort Lytton …

I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in a couple of months in picturesque Toowoomba.

0001-Fort-Lytton-Brisbane-engagement-photo 0002-Fort-Lytton-Brisbane-engagement-photo 0003-Fort-Lytton-Brisbane-engagement-photo 0004-Fort-Lytton-Brisbane-engagement-photo 0005-Fort-Lytton-Brisbane-engagement-photo 0006-Fort-Lytton-Brisbane-engagement-photo 0007-Fort-Lytton-Brisbane-engagement-photo 0008-Fort-Lytton-Brisbane-engagement-photo 0009-Fort-Lytton-Brisbane-engagement-photo 0010-Fort-Lytton-Brisbane-engagement-photo 0011-Fort-Lytton-Brisbane-engagement-photo 0012-Fort-Lytton-Brisbane-engagement-photo 0013-Fort-Lytton-Brisbane-engagement-photo 0014-Fort-Lytton-Brisbane-engagement-photo 0015-Fort-Lytton-Brisbane-engagement-photoFort Lytton


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