If you have landed here you must be a bride or groom planning your wedding. Im also taking a punt that you are looking at finding an affordable wedding photographer.

Not all wedding photographers are the same. And not all wedding photography packages are the same.

There are various styles of wedding photography. Documentary and wedding photojournalism would be the most popular as it offers more natural and candid photography. Fine art wedding portraiture is where the photographer has more control over the structure of photos by directing beautifully composed portraits of the bride and groom, and with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. There are also creative photographers offering dramatic wedding images using off camera flash and lighting effects. As well as classic traditional wedding photography.

There are also many types of wedding photography packages. Some packages start with as little as 4 or 5 hours of coverage, then 6 hours of coverage generally starting with bride preparation through to the start of the reception. Other packages are 8-9 hours of coverage, generally starting with both bride and groom preparation photos through to the bridal waltz at the reception.

Then you have the grand-daddy with all day photography coverage anywhere from 10-14 hours of coverage on the wedding day. All day coverage generally has extended coverage to include both the groom and bride preparation photos until the moment the bride and groom depart the reception.

Then at the other end of the scale, small intimate weddings or elopement packages can be anything from 1-4 hours of photography coverage. Basically you can fit the coverage to how much of your wedding day you would like documented.

Once you have considered what style of wedding photography appeals to you, you can begin your search to find an affordable wedding photographer.

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