Hi, I’m Deb


I take photos for a living … and just for fun too :)

I love a good chat over coffee, travelling the countryside and dogs are the best.
One day I plan to travel the country living in a Sprinter van whilst taking pictures of my travels.

… and this is my awkward selfie photo so you can put a face to who is behind the camera ;)

Every photographer sees things differently,
and how I photograph couples and weddings, is my version of that story.


I am a photographer from Sydney and where my love of taking pictures began in around 2000.

At the time I was working in the commercial interiors industry in a sales & marketing capacity. While I was debating whether to study my other love, interior design, I purchased my first DSLR camera, a Sony, to explore a different avenue of photography.  An avenue where I was going to create photo-based art to sell to interior designers. I discovered digital printing and ability to print on canvas – which is laughable now as it’s a common household product, but back then it was a new printing technique only known to limited industry insiders.

In the process of learning how to use a camera, I fell in love with taking pictures and eventually taking pictures of people. Through photography, I have made friends I never would have otherwise and found a wonderful community of other photographers and creatives. Finally leading me to taking that next step and become a professional photographer in 2009 after relocating to Brisbane in the name of love.

I have spent the last eight years shooting weddings mostly in and around Brisbane & South East Queensland along with the odd destination location. After 11 years in Brisbane, I have returned home to Sydney. Now as a Sydney based photographer, I look forward to photographing more brides and grooms on their big day around this beautiful country.

If you like what you see get in touch.

When I am not photographing awesome couples, you will most likely find me photographing …

Life Stories

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Travel Stories

personal work, adventures and travel photos ‣ Deb Boots @debbootstravel



“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera.
You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen,
the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”

– Ansel Adams


I am a self-taught photographer who has spent many hours playing with her cameras, watching online photography workshops, and attending seminars both here in Australia and overseas. And while I don’t seek affirmation from my peers through entering photography competitions to become an award winning photographer, I put all my energy into creating beautiful images for my couples. I would rather let my couples be my judges. The fact that I have been a full-time photographer and sustaining a photography business since 2009, the couples that continue to hire me each year, and all the lovely reviews I have received over the years, to be the best judges of my wedding photography.

Life has taught me that when you are passionate about something, your drive and motivation can open you to learning more than you could ever imagine. My journey as a photographer has been life changing. My life revolves around photography and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For many years I have worked in creative industries, but none has brought me as much happiness as documenting people’s stories.  I do believe things happen for a reason, and my past has enabled me to be the photographer that I am.

I would love to tell your story.