For the last couple of years, wedding trends have been about creating a unique wedding that shows the bride and groom’s personalities in non-traditional and even unconventional spaces.

But what is in store for 2016 weddings?

Well Wedshed spoke to a number of wedding industry experts to find out the predictions for 2016 wedding trends.

The results are in!




Here in Australia, and especially in Queensland, we are pretty laid back kind of folk, so it’s no surprise that casual outdoor weddings are here to stay.

Again here in Queensland, we have such great weather most of the year, and having a thriving outdoors activities culture, it’s only natural that couples want to get married in the outdoors with a relaxed vibe.

Bohemian style wedding gowns were popular in 2015 for the laid-back bride, for a less formal approach to the big poofy wedding gowns of years past. We definitely aren’t seeing the boho style disappear anytime soon, yeah! They are more comfortable for the bride on hot summers days, but are also elegant and feminine without trying too hard. Try wedding gown designers such as White Lily Couture, When Freddie Met Lilly, Grace Loves Lace, Bo & Luca, Rue De Seine gowns available through The Babushka Ballerina, Hilde Heim and Paddington Weddings/Bertossi Brides. For some online bridal gown stores try Dreamers & Lovers, Free People Forever After Bridal and Daughters of Simone.





Yes it’s predicted that weddings are taking on a minimalism style. Timeless understated elegance.

Good old fashioned documentary photography capturing the raw emotions and real wedding day.

Paring back on the styling. Just well thought-out bold pieces with a touch of luxury, and lots of texture.





Rules were meant to be broken right!

We have seen new wedding rules taking shape for a good couple of years now – first look sessions and unplugged weddings. Let’s just hope one of the new rules for 2016 is that the government gets its act together and changes the law to support same sex marriage.  I am a marriage equality wedding vendor and personally believe in equal rights for every person.

More live streaming during ceremonies with apps such as Periscope.

More food trucks and bars in the form of a vintage caravans.

Continue moving in the direction of non-traditional wedding spaces. One of my favourite alternative Brisbane wedding venues is a French furniture warehouse space in Albion that converts into a wedding venue. Here are some pictures from a styled shoot I collaborated on which was featured on White Magazine and Alana & Ian’s real wedding which was featured on Hello May.

Bride and grooms involving their beloved pets in their wedding day festivities.

With so many couples living together before they are married, what is the big deal in this modern day if a couple sees each other before the ceremony. We will see more couples forgoing tradition and seeing each other before the ceremony, whether its a first look session or getting ready together.





Wedfest and Wedstivals are coming in 2016! Weddings are moving in the direction of big parties with loads of atmosphere, where good food and wine, and great music are top priorities.





With more of a concern for our environment, couples are embracing eco-friendly and sustainable elements, as well as vegetarian dishes at their weddings.

Styling is incorporating natural materials and lots more greenery created with foliage.




Unplugged ceremonies is not a new trend. Infact more couples are embracing the unplugged wedding trend, with the view that they want their guests to put away their cameras during the ceremony to have their undivided attention while the couple make their marriage vows, and let the professional photographers worry about capturing the memories.






Eloping isn’t a new trend, but beautifully styled elopements and elopements in magical locations with stunning landscapes are new trends emerging.

Countries like Iceland and New Zealand are proving to be hot spots for destination elopements. Couples are jet setting off overseas to combine their elopement and honeymoon, and bringing in an amazing photographer to create epic wedding photos.

While here at home, rather than running off to the registry office, the Elopement Collective are creating beautifully styled ceremony spaces for several couples to tie the knot on one day in individual timeslots in an intimate and genuine ceremony with 20 of their most loved family members and friends there to witness the event.





Same sex marriage was listed as a predicted trend for 2016 in Wedshed’s article but they do state and I quote “we recognise same-sex marriage is an equal right rather than a trend but we also feel it deserves as much public recognition as possible. Hence – inclusion in this article.”. Well said!

I was watching QandA on the ABC recently and one of the guest speakers made the statement that statistic say 67% of Australians are for same-sex marriage. My question then is, if the majority of Australian’s are for same sex marriage, why has the law not been changed already! Seriously let the people speak and not the politicians on something such as marrying the person you love, should already be an equal right for everyone!


Some additional predictions Wedshed added in their article:


Any-day-of-the-week-weddings: stuff work, get married instead

Wedding games taken to the next phase – “table tennis and organised Zumba sessions on the dance floor” – totally awesome!

One prediction they raised was “no need to splash cash on a fancy car – arrive instead on the back of a ute/on a tractor/in a bus/via a regular car” – I personally have seen this happening already with many couples using their own vehicles, borrowing friends cars, arriving in taxis and mini vans.  I’m looking forward to the day when I have a bride arrive in an Uber!

I am all for this one and finding many couples already doing this. “Both bride and groom doing speeches”.  Considering not all your family and friends might know your partner, I think it’s a nice gesture for both the bride and groom to say some words, or at least if they both stand up together while one of them makes the speech – together you will conquer the dreaded public speaking and speech as husband and wife.

The couple integrating their views on same-sex marriage into the ceremony. Legally the celebrant must state that marriage is between a man and a woman. Many of the celebrants I know are appalled they have to make this discriminatory statement, but the marriage is not legally binding if they don’t say those words.  But it doesn’t mean that they can’t follow that statement up with a disclaimer that the couple believe marriage should be for everyone. A statement like this would be particularly appreciated if you have friends in same sex relationships.


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Source: Wedshed

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