Photography is telling stories through pictures.
Work Stories is telling stories of people passionate about their brand.
Creating on-brand images for your website, advertising and social media.
That’s what being a Personal Branding Photographer is all about.


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I started out documenting stories of couples in love and weddings under Deb Boots Love Stories. Which lead me to documenting families with Deb Boots Life Stories. We tend to spend more hours at work in our lifetime than anything else. And working in a profession where I am fortunate that I get to do what I love every day, I also want to photograph people who are passionate about their work. In the process create beautiful on-brand photography to lift the brand’s image and create visual communication assets to aid their online and social media presence, to attract their ideal audience.

The beginning of WorkStories.

Personal branding photography for
entrepreneurs, creative individuals, small business and start-ups


In today’s socially-aware world, the vision of your business (brand) is front and centre to the online community and your clients. There is an ever increasing need to have a great visual presence. Your audience will judge your brand on how you visually communicate. Amateur photos just don’t cut it anymore, particularly in oversaturated industries! The better looking brand will win out every time. That is where professional photography can help enhance your social footprint.

Most people working in the creative industry or in small business, are not always good at marketing themselves or their products. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have an amazing story to tell. They just need someone in their corner that understands their passion for what they do. I would love to be the photographer to help tell your story, and see your business come to life with professional photos.

Personal Branding Photographer Brisbane | Work Stories | Business Headshots & Lifestyle Portraits

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I will discover and document the moments that show your passion for your work, because it’s your passion that strikes a chord with your audience.

Work Stories doesn’t believe you have to have grown your business out of a passion for a hobby like the beginning of many creative businesses. Maybe your an accountant that simply loves numbers, and you want to break the mould of your industry’s stereotype. Well you have landed in the right place. Work Stories is about showing the personality behind your livelihood no matter what job or industry you are in.

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As a personal branding photographer, the images we create will provide you with content to market your business through your website, blog, advertising and social media.


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